Sprinklers in Southbury

Up to 60 percent of residential water usage in some parts of the U.S. is the result of outdoor irrigation. The effectiveness and type of irrigation method delivering the water play a huge factor in how much water is used. Whether you are searching for a sprinkler irrigation system for your home or a larger commercial system, CLM Landscaping LLC has the skills and expertise to handle your needs. Our quality craftsmanship, on-time delivery, and cost-effective solutions make us the name to trust for residential and commercial sprinklers in Southbury.


A sprinkler irrigation system that delivers large water drops close to the ground is an all-around ideal choice. Sprinklers spraying fine mists lose a lot of water through evaporation. A well-planned system helps you eliminate water waste and avoid harming your plants. The keys to saving money and water are monitoring and maintaining your sprinkler irrigation system periodically and understanding how much water your plants require. The four most common types of irrigation sprinklers include:

  • Soaker hoses. Because this type of irrigation sweats water along its entire length, it is ideal for water-dense or individual plants. Customizing an irrigation system by attaching solid hoses to soaker hoses helps avoid wasting water in areas not requiring it.
  • Traditional automatic spray system. Pop-up spray heads, a popular traditional automatic spray system, adjust to spray a full, half, or quarter circle. For uniform water distribution, all heads should be the same type from the same manufacturer. Make sure to allow for head-to-head coverage by spacing them so each head sprays to the next head.
  • Drip system. This type of watering system is perfect for groundcovers, shrubs, and trees. In fact, it uses only a fraction of the water compared to overhead spray devices and nearly eliminates water lost to evaporation because the water is delivered near the plant roots at ground level.
  • Rotor system. These irrigation systems are more practical than spray heads because they apply water at a much slower rate than spray heads. This allows water moisture to absorb into the soil more efficiently. While rotors haven’t been applied to smaller turf areas in the past, new rotor irrigation sprinkler systems have been created to apply water with a radius of fewer than 15 feet and at less than half-an-inch per hour.

Also, all sprinkler systems must have backflow protection installed, and many require annual inspections to prevent drinking water from mixing with irrigation water that may have been exposed to outdoor chemicals and fertilizers. Some of the services we provide at CLM Landscaping LLC include sprinkler installation and repair, irrigation systems, backflow testing and service, and much more.

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There are a wide variety of sprinkler irrigation systems available today; some use water more efficiently while others are best suited for particular tasks. Additionally, regularly maintaining your sprinkler irrigation system will save you water, time, and money. At CLM Landscaping LLC in Southbury, we are experts at sprinkler systems, from installation to repair and maintenance. To ensure that water gets where you need it to go, one call to us is all you’ll need.